Israeli Fertility Amulet from 500 BCE Discovered

The Times of Israel reported on a tween discovering a 2500 year old fertility amulet while on a family hike. Part of the story reads:

“’The figurine that Zvi discovered is rare and only one such example exists in the National Treasures collection. It was probably used in the sixth–fifth centuries BCE, at the end of the Iron Age or in the Persian period (the late First Temple period, or the return to Zion),’ they said.

“’Pottery figurines of bare-breasted women are known from various periods in Israel, including the First Temple era. They were common in the home and in everyday life… and apparently served as amulets to ensure protection, good luck and prosperity,’ said Shmueli and Ben Ami.”

I’m not sure what the existence of fertility amulets in Israel dating to 500 BCE says about the hold the YHVH cult had on the locals. Doesn’t seem in keeping with that ol’ First Commandment, now does it?

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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