Is Thelema Binary?

Aleister Crowley

Did Crowley truly see himself as solely male? Are we trying to see the path of the New Aeon from an Old Aeon perspective? Are we trying to force the New Aeon into models that don’t fit?

“Was Aleister Crowley (Baphomet) non-binary in terms of gender identity? A few sources seem to suggest he did not identify exclusively as ‘male’ (in this life, or previous ones) despite his biological sex. If so, this potentially challenges theories that the Gnostic Mass is written as a ‘male-centric’ ritual from a ‘man’s perspective’ and that people who are not ‘men’ like Crowley should create their own rituals to express their own mysteries.” In Thelemic Union, Sib. Ayin discusses Crowley’s views and experiences on gender as conveyed in his writings, the Gnostic Mass, and the New Aeon.

Breaking The Binary In The New Aeon



  1. Such theories that the Mass is ‘Male centered’ are either put forth by complete dilettantes who do not wish to understand what is beneath the surface they have scratched or it’s written by someone with an axe to grind.

  2. I appreciate Sib. Ayin’s analysis, because it really looks into the facts via Crowley’s own writing. It’s true that many people don’t look beneath the surface, but sometimes someone else has to open the lid. Not everyone knows how.

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