Is Rapper Common Engaging in Astral Projection, Chakra Work?

Last month, the New Yorker ran an article on the “self-care” regimes of veteran rapper Common: meditation, visualization, what appears to be astral projection, chakra work. Hmmm. Do a few of these activities sound familiar to you?

So, yeah, of lot of the context and conceptualization seems very “red thread” or “dharma center.” But tech is tech and even just dabbled in has SOME effects that could be a nice gateway drug to the harder stuff. Liber O anyone? The article begins:

“Meditation time! Find a comfy spot to stretch out, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, in and out. Good. Now imagine a beam of energy. Ride that beam out of your body, up into the air, and toward the stars. Peaceful, right? And are you hearing that celestial music yet? What type of music is it? Is it . . . rap?

“Perhaps it is not. And perhaps that is why Lonnie Rashid Lynn, the rapper, actor, writer, and activist known as Common, based his new album, “Let Love,” on concepts of healing, therapy, and meditation. As he explains on the first track, ‘Taking care of self is the new black.’”

here’s that lead track:

and read the rest of the story:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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