Is Kinsey Still Relevant 70 Years On?

Alfred Kinsey
Alfred Kinsey in August 1953

Alfred Kinsey in August 1953

What can we learn from the Kinsey Report 70 years later? Was sex research always political? What do researchers need to ask? In an interview with Deutsche Welle, sex researcher Jakob Pastötter answers these and other questions on the 70th anniversary of the Kinsey Report.

Despite what we may have learned from popular media sources, the funding for sexuality research existed, having been put into place at the Rockefeller Foundation around 3 decades before Kinsey’s study. Sex research was originally conducted in the realm of dermatology research, because many known sexually transmitted infections cause visible skin problems. Read about all this and more in the English translation of a German article:

Kinsey report at 70: A sober researcher on a (still) hot topic


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