Introducing Advanced Initiation Training 3.0 – Debuting in Denver in December

This is a reminder that registration is open for the all new Advanced Initiation Training at Crux Ansata Oasis in the Valley of Denver, CO on the weekend of December 15-16, 2018 e.v.

You’ve already attended AIT in the past, you say?  I’m excited to announce that this is your first opportunity to attend the new AIT 3.0. At this coming Denver AIT, we not only have a new presenter and a guest speaker but almost all new classes dealing with topics that you have told us are important to you. It doesn’t matter if your primary interest is in our history with “The Evolution of the Oasis Degrees”, or relevant initiatory challenges like “Let’s Talk Gender”. Maybe your focus is on honing your existing skill set with “Ritual Innovation” or “Costuming in the MOE”. Possibly for you, degree symbolism is first and foremost with a presentation on a key temple feature. This Advanced Initiation Training has it all in two days filled with 11 new classes plus a few old favorites. The new class schedule will be posted on our AIT website in November.

So please join us in Denver to meet the experts, attend some fantastic new classes, ask the questions you were n’t sure who to ask, and most of all enjoy the company of brethren joining together to make our initiations the very best they can be.

This training is designed for Chartered Initiators who have already attended one or more Initiation Training workshops held by a CIT and/or an SGIG and are looking to advance their knowledge, We also encourage all Master Magicians interested in initiation work to attend. Attending an Initiator Training W orkshop is a prerequisite to attending Advanced Initiation Training for all attendees.

So check out our website, make your hotel reservation if needed, and most importantly register now for this exciting event!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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