Interview with David Tibet on His Collaboration with Youth

LouderThanWar recently posted an rare interview with O.T.O. Cabinet member David Tibet about his new album with Youth a founding member of Killing Joke oh so many years ago. It starts
“You would think that with a full quarter of the year yet still to unfold, foolish would be the person to announce that an album released in August would not only be one of the year’s keynote musical releases; but would also be one of the keynote releases within the wider world of culture itself.
‘Create Christ, Sailor Boy’, conceptualised and birthed by Martin ‘Youth’ Glover and David Tibet, is exactly that.
It’s an immersive and original mix of musical styles and textures, and is artfully adorned with astonishing vocal filigree that will leave you with the feeling that something nuanced and new has entered your personal realm of music; yet paradoxically it also feels as ancient and as beguilingly familiar as our magical tales and fables.
Here singer and lyricist David Tibet elaborates on the album’s manifold themes, and outlines his artistic vision for this work; from its inception to its completion.

The album can be purchased from:

For further information about the work of David Tibet. please refer to: and

INTERVIEW : David Tibet talks about his new collaboration with Youth

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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