International Women’s Day 2018: Sisters Saving Ourselves

Stop: Think before you touch. Respect the No in OTO.

My Body is My Temple. Respect the No in OTO.The world was recently shocked by the sheer pervasiveness of the #metoo movement, and nowhere was it more disturbing than within the bonds of the Order. We are oath-bound to provide a safe and supportive place for initiates to work out their complexes, but we discovered instead that we may have been preying on each other’s weaknesses or turning a blind eye to the same.

Today, March 8th, 2018, on International Women’s Day, a collaborative of O.T.O. women is demonstrating that sisters have each other’s backs… That each of us is a comrade, an ally, a line of defense, that we will stand together as we pursue the ways of our going, shedding our baggage and transforming ourselves in accordance with Will.

Stand with Our Sisters by posting one of the many memes we have to share. Join us in #SavingOurSelves as we #pressforprogress within and without O.T.O.


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