Interesting Piece on What Pentacostals Think About Snake-Handling.

Based on anecdotal evidence, it would appear that many people involved in Thelema had very negative experiences with respective Christian sects growing up (I’m not one of them).  It also appears that the more marginal, gnostic and mystical a sect’s beliefs and practices were, the more intense the criticism of it – whether based on experience or hearsay.  So this piece in the always fascinating DangerousMinds site provides an interesting view to the diaglogue.  Written by someone who grew up and left a Pentacostal sect it offers some insight into the actual thoughts of adherents about the more notorious phenomenon attributed to them – snake-handling, faith healing, speaking in tongues, etc. – and these are pretty eye opening.  We do understand that there IS a range of practice and belief and that the opinions included here are not indicative of those of EVERY such believer.  Of course the same is true of Thelemites as well.

The piece also features a link to a 60’s documentary made on one Pentacostal group that the author considers very even handed, the facts not manipulated to glorify or damn them. Incidentally – one of the sound recordists was Steve Reich – later to gain fame as a minimalist composer.

Feed your heads!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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