Initiating the Millennium

Oxford University Press is announcing the early 2020 publication of Initiating the Millennium The Avignon Society and Illuminism in Europe by Robert Collis and Natalie Bayer.

The publisher’s site touts is as the first English-language book devoted to the Avignon Society.  The authors draw from previously overlooked archival material from across the European continent. Among other topics, the book explores the enduring legacy of the group in Russia and its direct influence on Emperor Alexander I.

The Encyclopedia Masonica describes this group thusly:

The French expression is Illuminés d’Avignon. A rite instituted by Pernetti at Avignon, in France, in 1770, and transferred in the year 1778 to Montpellier, under the name of the Academy of True Masons The Academy of Avignon consisted of only four degrees, the three of symbolic or St. John’s Freemasonry, and a fourth called the True Freemason, which was made up of instructions, Hermetical and Swedenborgian (see Pernetti).

Pre-order your copy of the book here:

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