INAPPROPRIATELY TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: Another Excerpt from Jason Miller’s “Sex, Sorcery & Spirit”

This excerpt from Chapter 10 of noted author Jason Miller’s latest book “Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Magic”, follows instructions on sex as an offering to spirits and lengthy discussion of various episodes of people claiming to have sex with ghosts, demons, and elves. 


Some occultists have compared the Gods of Paganism with the Angels of Monotheistic religions, and claimed them to be similar types of beings. I don’t know about that but I do know that you don’t need to look far for Angels having sex with humans. Just six chapters into Genesis and you get:
When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born     to them,  the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they     married any of them they chose. – Gen 6:2-1 NIV

This story is fleshed out in the Book of Enoch quite a bit with information on what each of the Watchers taught to mankind, and the Punishments that they received from God. The idea of there being a Sangreal Bloodline connected to the Nephilim is sometimes espoused by occultists. This is also the origin of the Witchblood in some cunning traditions. Some believe that all people who have the ability to practice magic are descendants of the Nephilim – the offspring of Angels and Human Women. Fast forward to the late 19th century and we again have a very public example of Angel Human relations – this time with a groundbreaking feminist by the name of Ida Craddock.

Ida Craddock was raised in Philadelphia as a Quaker the first female ever admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, before the board of Trustees blocked her entrance. She made her primary living by witting textbooks and teaching Stenography at Girard College. In her thirties she joined the Theosophical Society, the Unitarian Church, and took an interest in occultism and yoga.

Ida Craddock

Eventually she re-located to Chicago where in 1893 she attended a belly dancing exhibition at the world’s fair. This dance was considered lewd by the prudish standards of the day and a movement was begun to shut it down. Craddock wrote an open letter defending the dance, suggesting that not only should it be allowed at the world’s fair, but that it should be seen all across the country as a “pre-nuptual educator of our children“. She further noted that the dance  “trains the muscles of the woman in the endurance desirable in the wife … and therefore increases her capacity, not only for receiving but also for conferring pleasure.”

Craddock believed that fear and disgust for sex, as well as ignorance of proper sexual technique, was a leading cause of many f societies problems. The moral societies at the time, such as the Society for the Suppression of Vice led by Anthony Comstock, did not feel the same way. Part of their attack on Craddock is that she was herself clearly immoral since she was not married, but clearly had firsthand knowledge of sex. Ida Craddock responded that she was married – to an angel.

This was not married in the way that a nun is “married” to the Church. This married in the sense that they had sex. From her diary Oct 11th 1894: “Last night, Soph and I united, mainly at the clitoris, where his organ was for a great part of the time strongly perceptible in its texture …”  In fact her sexual exploits with this Angel,  whom she called Soph, were reportedly so loud that the neighbors complained on several occasions.

Ida Craddock went on to write more about the love between Angels and Humans in her book “Heavenly Bridegrooms”. She detailed a system of Sex Mysticism in “Psychic Wedlock”, and also wrote several other treatises on sex and female rights such as “Right Maritial Living” and “The Wedding Night”.

Eventually Craddock fell afoul of Comstock again, who had her arrested for sending indecent material through the mail. Rather than serve her sentence of hard labor, she comitted suicide leaving behind a piblic letter, defending her works, and pleading that they protected from Comstock and others like him that would destroy them.

Craddock shared a three grade system of Sex practice that was taught to her by Soph. She defines the first degree as “Sex union forbidden,except for the express purpose of creating a child.” The object here being to learn self-control. The second degree is Sex union enjoined in absolute self-control and aspiration to the highest.” Here we instructions to have sex without Orgasm, but without much of the technical advice on how that is contained in Tantric and Taoist literature. The Third Degree is “Communion with Deity as the third partner in marital union.”
These three degrees are mirrored in the teachings of Lewis Cullings Greater Brotherhood of God (GBG) and in the teachings Otoman Zar-Adusht-Hanish but largely without credit to where they came from. In Cullings system, in the third degree you see your physical partner as your own Holy Guardian Angel the being spoken of extensively in the “Book of Abramelin” which advocates an 18 month process for attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of this Angel. [1]

It is entirely possible that Soph was Ida Craddocks HGA. Many people who have attained Knowlege and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, myself included, have experienced sexualized content with the angel, if not physical sex itself. Aaron Leitch, author of Secrets of the Magical Grimoires, pointed out in a recent post that the “knowlege” part of Knowlege and Conversation, implies carnal knowledge. Aaron too has had sexual experiences with his HGA who he refers to as his Spiritual Wife.

Speaking for myself, this type of sexualized experience, I hesitate to call it actual sex, with the Holy Guardian Angel is the basis for much exchange. Just like the Angels described in Genesis 6, we receive knowledge of hidden things in from the heavenly realms, and the Angels receive carnal contact that is usually outside the realm of what they can experience.

One thing is clear about all these stories of men and spirits having sex, apart from the fact that we desperately  need a supernatural S.V.U., is that it is a two way street. This is an area of magic where there can be no clear instructions step by step, because it relies upon the input from at least two beings to make it happen. Because of this unknown factor of the other being we must proceed with care. Just as with human partners, they can be parasitic, obsessive, and dangerous if we let them.


[1] For more on my thoughts on the HGA, see my article 9 Pieces of Heart Advice on the HGA in the Holy Guardian Angel anthology, by Nephilim Press 2014

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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