Eanna Press announced on its FB page:

“Inannanthology has just passed it’s final hurdle! We have been in touch with contributors [including Thelema, NOW! host Harper Feist], and we well soon begin sign off on any edits to their submissions. If you are a contributor, and have still to reply, please check your inboxes!

“This Volume will be well over 500 pages in length! After final edits are passed back, we will move on to typesetting, finalising fonts, formatting, and setting the publication date.

?Due to ethical issues with AI artwork, we have decided to take a stance with our original artists and illustrators, and all AI submissions will not be included in this volume. Apologies in advance for those who submitted AI generated images. These will not be included in the final publication.

“We are blessed to have our first Anthology Cover artwork gifted by the wonderful Damara Carpenter (mock-up cover as attached), and original high quality art prints of this will be available directly from the artist. “

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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