Illuminati Revealed Via Taco Bell Commercial

I’m sorry… I really do think the new Taco Bell “Belluminati” ad is HILARIOUS! Of course I think most of the profane also get the joke but clearly it resonates even more strongly with practicing occultists who fully appreciate how delusional Alex Jones and his ilk are — building spurious arguments where one conjecture is used to justify the next conjecture which is used to justify the next conjecture which then leads to what is presented as PROOF per se (whereas its an ever more diffuse series of speculations). And we all know how O.T.O. fares in these sorts of “researches.”

So – ENJOY! (though you’ll have to form your own opinion of the quality of these victuals)

Then here’s a slowed-down version of it with eerie ambient soundtrack. Mainly interesting in seeing the visual transitions happening:

But funniest thing I’ve found so far is Jonathan Kleck giving this the full (tongue-in-cheek) Alex Jones treatment: And Mr. Kleck goes DEEP (and makes as much sense as Jones… except the latter is serious and the former is seriously FUNNY).


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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