How to Make a Servitor

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter for this week.


Last week I shared my thoughts on what a Servitor actually is and why you would want to make one. This week I promised to share some thoughts on their generation

STEP 1: Planning 

Servitor creation is all about the prep work. Because we are creating something entirely new we want to have firm answers to the following questions. The answer to this question will determine the answers to the next two questions.

What it is the Servitor supposed to accomplish? Once you have this crystallized move on to the next question.

What is the Servitor  going to look like? This is based on function as well as divination. If you are going to invoke a deity to aid in the creation of this servitor then perhaps seeking a vision is appropriate. Just as classical images of the gods usually tell you something about their domains of influence, the form of your servitor must serve its function. A giant Beholder eyeball is for viewing and not much else, a mirrored warrior is for protection, etc.

What Seed Sigils are going to represent this? Apart from its appearance, you will want a sigil to represent the name, and roll of the servitor. Now, personally, I scry for sigils, or use automatic writing, or try to extract one from the movement of the magic I am trying to manifest. I also have a few systems of staves that could work for this as well. If you don’t know how to do any of that you can use the old “letter-combo” sigil method popularized by AO Spare (but which as a much longer history). This is the SEED SIGIL that is the heart of the servitor. Its important to the construction so get it right. You can attach other sigils around it to give parameters for its existence or answer other questions. How long do we want this Servitor to hang around? Is there going to be a material basis that this Servitor is tied to? Will you be feeding it? Etc etc. All that can be sigilized and added around the Seed Sigil.

STEP 2: Generating the Servitor. 

Set up your temple in a way that makes sense for what you are doing. This is a newsletter, not a book, so figure that shit out on your own OK? Just make a nice spot for the spirit to manifest.

Visualize the Seed Sigil in the air around were you want the spirit to take shape. Make sure this is held in the mind clearly. When ready see the syllable multiply itself thoudands of times over, making small, atomic sized sigils that create a “sigil cloud” in the area. That’s why that seed syllable is so key- it forms the very basis of the being. When you are ready you can perform an invocation naming the being and seeing the cloud take the shape that you have determined it to take.

Whether you call upon other spirits and deities for this process is up to you. If you call upon Hekate you can ask that she send an appropriate spirit from her hoard to take up residence in the construct. If you work with Demons, perhaps Malphas can spare one from his 40 legions. If you want to not involve any other beings than you and it, just declare it alive and send it on its way. Spirits are very good at filling the forms we give them. What? You didn’t think there was a spirit REALLY named Michael who in older than the human race but for some reason wears Roman armor did you?

Send it on its merry way!

STEP 3: Upkeep 

I always find it’s best if the servitor you create is linked to a physical object or very specific physical places. This gives it some heklp in manifestation, and gives you a way to keep contact. From here it is up to you. Do you make offerings and ongoing requests or was this a temporary form designed to decay after it is finished? Whatever you decide, STICK TO IT. Just like with any spirit, and this is a spirit, broken promises are a no-no.

Want to learn more about Servitors? I have a whole Arcane Audio on them where I detail a method that follows this pattern but is more fleshed out. I also share the procedure for a common servitor named Vashya Dakini for influencing minds. Find it, and other Arcane Audio’s here. You don’t need that though. WIth just the simple idea of the seed sigil and the sigil cloud creating a body you have more to go on than I did when I made a servitor that still resides in Philadelphia today and gets occasional use.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Just gotta say, this is by far the most informative and simultaneously entertaining articles about chaos magic that I have EVER READ. 10/10, will most definitely recommend to a friend.

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