Create A “Cards Against Thelema” Deck Using “Cards Against Humanity” Products

“Wanna play Cards Against Thelema?” asks Richard Kaczynski, who then gives instructions and resources for creating your own deck using Cards Against Humanity products.


1. Five packs of “Your Shitty Jokes” blank cards from Cards Against Humanity. ($5 apiece, or $25 with free shipping at

2. Seven full-sheet clear plastic laser-printer stickers. I used Avery 4397 (about $15 at

3. My “Cards Against Thelema” PDF of 50 questions and 200 answers (FREE from…/Cards-against-Thelema-v2…).

NOTE: in the PDF, the first section is all questions, except for one answer–“A not-so-sweet smelling perfume of sweat” (shamelessly appropriated from Ben Sandler)–squeezed in due to layout limitations.


1. Print the PDF onto the clear plastic sheets, making sure that “Page Scaling” in your Adobe print dialog is set to “None.”

2. Cut each cell of the print-out into its own little rectangle. A paper cutter is a huge help if you have one.

3. Peel and stick all 250 rectangles onto a blank “Your Shitty Jokes” card…making sure to put questions and answers on the appropriate cards.

Cost: About $40 for parts, plus a full day to assemble.

[CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity, LLC., and the above post reflects free, user-generated content intended for use with CAH products.]

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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