How Enchantable Is Your Life?

Here’s a new posting about thaumaturgy from our old bud the sorcerer Inominandum. As always, lots of good food for thought that can be worked into anyone’s practice — IF you see merit in it.

“About 13 Years ago I did a spell to get an extra $3000 within a short amount of time. Shortly thereafter I was in a traffic accident that was not my fault and the insurance payout for the damage was almost exactly $3000.  The car was still driveable so I kept the $3000 and used it for the vacation I wanted to take, but now I was stuck with a visibly damaged car.

“Two year I did a spell for an extra $10,000. I used a very similar ritual and spirit. That month a high profile client needed some extra work and consultation that resulted to just under $4,000 and I had an unexpected burst of people signing up for one of my courses, and an idea for a new product that made up the other $6,000. Why did this larger number come so easy when the lower number caused me an accident? Do the spirits like me better now? No. The answer is that my life is currently more fiscally enchantable than it was ten years ago.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have magical mishaps, failed spells, or just inconvenient results like my accident above and immediately think that the Gods and spirits are mad at them.  No one is mad at you and your magic is not backfiring: It may just be that your life is not set up to manifest the results that you asked for.

“So do you have to be self-employed to have an enchantable financial situation? No. There are lots of ways to have flexible income other than running your own company. Some positions offer a combination of salary and commission. Some executives receive bonuses. Investments that pay dividends, or day trading can be a great way to add an enchantable dynamic to your portfolio. Many people have small side businesses in addition to their daytime gigs. The combination of a regular paycheck from a day-job with the variable or even passive income from assets and side gigs can be a wonderful way to get the money mojo-moving.

“Its not just about money either. One of the most notorious love drawing spells of the last 100 years must be when Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard went to the desert to draw an ‘elemental woman’ for Parsons to do sex magic with. He came home and Marjorie Cameron was sitting on his doorstep. [though Cameron had visited the Parsonage previously; this was not her first visit – FLAM] Remarkable result, but Parsons love life was highly enchantable for meeting people because he ran a boarding house.

“So if you are doing meticulous conjurations of demons for wealth, and it manifests as finding a few bucks in the street, or you are pulling all the stops out on the love magic but you keep getting thrown in with the same people, or you are doing energy healing and yoga, but you still are waking up with reflux attacks every night – take a look at how enchantable your life is. The answer may be there.”

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