In case you’re in need of a titter, coming from Twitter, the imaginative UK publication The Daily Mail ran a story about a 70’s horoscope that’s gone viral, based on the saltiness of the characterizations. Apparently there have been some 10,000 Replies logged in to the initial Tweet so far:

“Taureans get off more lightly; they are labelled ‘practical and persistent’ with ‘dogged determination to work like hell’, while Geminis are ‘quick and intelligent thinkers’.

“The Gemini horoscope claims people like them because they are ‘bi-sexual’ and chastises them for being ‘inclined to expect too much for too little’.

“According to the ‘scopes, every person in prison is a Cancerean, while ‘most Leos are bullies, vain and can’t tolerate honest criticism’.

“Virgos are apparently ‘good bus drivers’ but often ‘fall asleep’ during sex, while Libras are ‘artistic types’ that ‘die of veneral disease’.

“Scorpios don’t fare much better; they are branded ‘the worst of the lot’. It reads: ‘You are a perfect son of a b****. Most Scorpios are murderers.'”

Read the whole thing:


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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