Horizon Lodge Marches in 44th Seattle Pride Parade

Members of Horizon Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, in the Valley of Seattle, had a contingent marching in the 44th Seattle Pride Parade yesterday. Horizon members put together a sweet float representing Babalon riding astride The Beast! These Siblings are giving Krewe What Thou Wilt a run for their money!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. Gay pride parades probably do more to turn normal people off towards LGBTQIA folks than just doing nothing.

    I’ve hit it off with most of the gay dudes I’ve met at OTO gatherings and it was always somewhat of a shock when it came out that they weren’t straight. Its the difference between “I’m a person who is gay” and “I am a gay who is a person”– one is a proclivity one holds whereas the other is making an identity out of your bedroom escapades.

    I’d wager to guess that most of the rapid “acceptance” and de-stigmatization of gays within the last few decades reflects social signaling and a fear of being a “hate monger” or having socially-unacceptable views than genuine acceptedness of the non-straight sexual persuasions.

    This particular parade thing was tasteful, but the in-your-face-about-it attitude certain non-straights use to try to gain acceptance is probably going to lead to a major backlash and legitimate homophobia, in the form of street violence and such, if things keep going the way they are– which is ironic that most gay lobbies are anti-gun even though, ceteris paribus, a gay is more likely to have a need to own a gun for self defense against bigots than straight people.

    • Thanks for stating your opinion. I accept and honor that this is how this phenomenon affects you. Gay Pride events, art devoted to it etc also normalizes this segment of the population for many. So ya win some and lose some with this tactic as with many. But if, finally, participating in these empowers those who participate — it’s worth it just for that. No one should have to live their lives hiding who they are. Methinks. But I don’t ask that anyone agree with me.

  2. “Making an identity out of your bedroom escapades” is exactly what discrimination does. Why don’t you stop?

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