Holy Days – The Tower

In 2020, members of Alombrados Oasis in the Valley of New Orleans took advantage of their time locked down at home during the early days of the SARS-COV2 pandemic started creating art inspired by the Thelemic Holy Days. Here’s an example:

Liber VII, Chapter 1

The Tower


22. My God! but I love Thee!

23. Why hast Thou whispered so ambiguous things? Wast Thou afraid, O goat-hoofed One, O horned One, O pillar of lightning?

24. From the lightning fall pearls; from the pearls black specks of nothing.

25. I based all on one, one on naught.

26. Afloat in the æther, O my God, my God!

Team quarantine 🏵️
Makeup & brains @lady.psychepomp
Outfitting Talisman Leather
Photography & vision Nathan Tucker Photography
Facilities Alombrados Oasis, O.T.O.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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