Holy Day Arts Challenge – Adjustment


“Nature is not just, according to any theological or ethical idea; but Nature is exact.”

“when the daughter, redeemed by her marriage with the Son, is thereby set up on the throne of the mother; thus, finally, she “awakens the Eld of the All-Father.”

“In the greatest symbolism of all, however, the symbolism beyond all planetary and Zodiacal considerations, this card is the feminine complement of the Fool.”

“Alpha the First balanced exactly against Omega the Last. These are the Judex and Testes of Final Judgment; the Testes, in particular, are symbolic of the secret course of judgment whereby all current experience is absorbed, transmuted, and ultimately passed on, by virtue of the operation of the Sword, to further manifestation. This all takes place within the diamond formed by the figure which is the concealed Vesica Piscis through which this.”

“This is again a hieroglyph of “Love is the law, love under will]”. Every form of energy must be directed, must be applied with integrity, to the full satisfaction of its destiny.”

Art by Meysam Zakaria zadeh

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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