Hockley’s Ars Notoria

Teitan Press has recently released a copy of Fredrick Hockley’s manuscript of the Ars Notoria, a classic Solomonic work best known for its inclusion in Lemegeton.

Noted Hockley scholar Alan Thorogood provides an exceptional introduction not only on Hockley but on the history of the Ars Notoria itself, citing and adding to a great deal of modern research on this manuscript and its various stemma.

Robin Cousins, known for his research on the transcriber of occult works Robert Turner, provides new information on this man as well, as Hockley was copying from Turner’s 1657 translation and publication of the same.

Worthwhile for these introductions alone, the text of the Ars Notoria is also very well laid out and accompanied by a facsimile of the manuscript in Hockley’s own hand. Limited to 650 copies, it is a very well constructed copy of a very important manuscript that should adorn your bookshelves in as expedient a fashion as you can manage.


My full review of the Teitan edition of Hockley’s Ars Notoria can be found on my blog, De Arte Magica.

Ars Notaria

Colin Campbell

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