Have Hungarian Historians Found Suleiman the Magnificent’s Lost Tomb?

Smithsonian reports that Norbert Pap of the University of Pécs believes that he may have found Suleiman’s final resting place in the ruins of the former Ottoman settlement of Turbek, in southern Hungary.

“When Suleiman died in 1566 at the age of 71, he was the Ottoman Empire’s longest-serving sultan, having ruled the expansive empire for 46 years. During his reign the Ottomans swept through the Mediterranean, gaining control over territory in the Balkans, North Africa and down through the Middle East, Sarah Laskow reports for Atlas Obscura. He died on the battlefield while besieging the fortress of Szigetvar in a campaign against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.”

Suleiman the Magnificent’s Lost Tomb Might Finally Be Found.


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