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I have always found the botanical motifs that seem to emerge from early examples of Art  directed by supernatural agency that we find in the circles of Spiritualism and related traditions. There is often an inexplicably organic quality to many of these channeled artworks and automatic drawings. BWH

Hilma af Klint Has Arrived in the Hudson Valley


Hilma af Klint runs through June 29, 2020, at Lightforms Art Center (743 Columbia St., Hudson, NY).


From botanical sketches to art inspired by af Klint’s spiritual practice, lesser-known works by the Swedish artist arrived at the Lightforms Art Center.

Without much promotion or fanfare, the Lightforms Art Center in the Hudson Valley opened an exhibition……., March 6, featuring a selection of works by the posthumously celebrated Swedish artist, Hilma af Klint.



The exhibition features artworks from the artist’s Tree of Knowledge series, along with one of her plant sketchbooks. The works are on loan from the Albert Steffen Foundation in Dornach, Switzerland. It is the first exhibition of the artist’s works in the Hudson Valley.

The Tree of Knowledge series combines elements from the Garden of Eden parable with influences from Eastern religions and af Klint’s spiritual studies, as well as her background in botanical illustrations.





Hilma af Klint Has Arrived in the Hudson Valley

Barry William Hale

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