Hidden Paths – A Foolish Fish’s Guide to Magick

A Kickstarter campaign to publish Denis Poisson’s Hidden Paths – A Foolish Fish’s Guide to Magick is currently in progress. The posted description says:

“We all know how the world works, how life goes and what to expect from our day-to-day. We’re all experts when it comes to what’s possible and what’s impossible.

“Only, once in a while, life surprises us. A glitch in the code. The impossible occurs. Maybe it’s a desperate situation that causes us to reach out in the dark — and the dark responds. Maybe we take a turn that we don’t normally take, and we’re shocked to find that our assumptions about what is possible and what isn’t, what is real and what isn’t are fundamentally shattered. What once seemed to be of the realm of fairy tales and tall stories for children and the catastrophically gullible, suddenly seems worth investigating, as our very experience can no longer be reconciled with our certitude that there is an objective world out there and that we are little more than a chemical reaction within the right kind of molecular structure, evolving among other molecular structures. The woolly theories of mystics no longer seem like the musings of fools, but appear to be keys — keys to misunderstood realms, not only of great beauty but also of eternal value.

“In his fortnightly Esoteric Saturday video series aired on his Foolish Fish YouTube channel since 2019, Denis Poisson has been exploring these strange, hidden paths from a pragmatic perspective, never losing sight of the fact that not all that glitters is gold: just because some esoteric lore holds up to scrutiny in the light of experimentation, there is a lot of nonsense out there designed to drain the pockets of the gullible, designed to ensnare the fresh explorer, and spit them back out onto the well-trodden public footpath full of disenchanted, world-hardened realists who believe that consciousness could possibly arise out of matter (and not the other way around), despite what every fibre of their being tells them.

“In his explorations, Poisson has offered suggestions of new ways of thinking about how the world works, and given practical tips on how you too can explore these realms beyond the mundane, and develop your own connections to a conscious Universe in order to follow your own path. The path that was made for you.

“In Hidden Paths, you will find the transcripts of some of Foolish Fish’s most enduring and well-loved videos, with everything from his account of the strange experience that set him off on this exploration of the Magickal traditions of the East and West, to advice for people approaching the topic with a desire to free themselves from unhelpful dogmatic indoctrination in mainstream organised religions to practical tips for growing your own surprising power to influence the probability of a desired outcome in the real world.

“Hidden Paths is available in three editions. Every book is made with utmost care and attention to detail. As usual, we make sure to provide the highest standards of bookmaking. Fair working conditions are of great importance to us. For this reason, we decided to exclusively produce our books in Europe and use materials made in Europe. Our printing plant of trust is Grafiche Veneziane in Venice, Italy, which are famous for its professionality and high-quality bindings, meant to last a lifetime.

“For every edition, we will use 100% wood-free, uncoated, paper with FSC certification. The paper follows ISO 9706, which makes it age resistant. The texture is rough and in ivory color which is excellent for de luxe publications.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. Hello, how are you? Is there a possible way to still purchase this book? “Hidden Paths” by Denis Poisson? I missed the bandwagon. I just discovered it hopefully not too late and thank you very much for excepting my inquiry. sincerely, Chaz Proffitt

    • We have not looked into that. You might try looking at the websites for Abe Books or Weiser Antiquarian Booksellers

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