Here’s an excerpt from today’s edition of Jason Miller’s Monday Magick Newsletter:

Let’s take a look at two magicians doing two different spells.

Magician A is trying to make it snow even though its July in Florida.

Magician B is trying to banish away his bad eating habits with a spell.

Do you know what they have in common? They both have a snowballs chance in hell of achieving their goal.

I think most people realize that Magician A is going to fail. The underlying causes and conditions are simply too great to overcome. To make it snow in July would simply break the laws of physics. It’s not that the magic doesn’t have an influence – it almost always has an influence – it’s just not enough of an influence to do make it snow in a tropical location in the summer. This is obvious to almost anyone.

Magician B is facing the same problem though. He has a lifetime of patterning that cannot simply be undone with the wave of a wand. Underneath this are genetic pre-dispositions towards these habits and god knows how many other countless factors. The environment is just as hostile to this spell as the one above. YET, every week students come to me thinking that they can make quick and easy personality and habit changes with a ritual.

Let me be clear: Magic is real, and it works like a real thing. Real things don’t work like that.

There really is no difference between internal and external magic. In fact, when you start to really examine these things there really is no internal/external at all, but we don’t need to delve down that rabbit hole right now. All we really need to know is that Magic is an influence on reality, and that you can’t instantly banish a line of genetics and lifetimes of habits any easier than you can banish the influence of gravity.

You can’t hex habits away for the same reason that you can’t reason them away. They are deeply rooted, and largely in change of the show. I describe the personality as a car: Habit is driving. Emotion is in the passenger seat navigating. Reason is in the back trying to get a word in, but mostly being ignored. The fourth passenger is asleep.

Can you zap yourself or someone else for a while? Yeah. For a while. But no, you can’t just permanently roto-route your personality with just magic.

Magic to change your habits or personality works best as a catalyst or a seal.

catalyst on other work that you are doing to effect this change or a seal upon gains that you have made.

Let’s say you wanted to be more disciplined about money. If all you did was a spell you might get some temporary benefit, you would make a couple changes and find them easy to stick to for a while. But without anything else to help it along your magic has an impossible uphill battle. It’s not that the magic doesn’t work, its that you are setting it upon an impossible task. You wind up back in the same position.

If however you start taking an interest in financial wellness and change your values around money, the magic can do a lot for you. It greases the wheels, and takes the edge off. It helps expose you to the most helpful resources. It cultivates luck in your endeavors. It is a catalyst that speeds up your efforts and makes them stronger.

After your magic and discipline have accomplished something, lets say a savings of 10k in the bank, you will want to make sure that you do not slip back. So you do another ritual to cement this as your new normal. It is a seal upon the work you have done. If you have read Financial Sorcery, you know that the Set Point ritual is this kind of seal.

I have been successful with magic since I was a kid, but learning how to use magic not just to zap things into or out of my life, but to transform and change has been key to building a good life with it. A spell can get you a new lover, but if you want to become more confident or charming that is something different. A ritual can bring you fast cash, but if you want to be good with money, that’s a bigger battle. A rite may be able to calm your anger for a few days, but if you want to be calmer and cooler person your magic needs something more.

Magic is an influence upon reality.

Provide it with a reality worth influencing.

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