Help Hidden Spring Oasis Move!

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Hidden Spring Oasis has been serving the Central Florida Thelemic community since 2012 when Secret Centre Camp and Warrior Island Camp merged together and pooled their resources to form what is now the longest-standing O.T.O body in Central Florida. For the last year, the landlord has worked with the Oasis to battle City Hall and keep the space, making costly improvements to the building in an attempt to correct some code deficiencies. Despite those efforts, says Sr. Sherri, “…we have been advised by the City that we must vacate our beloved building.”

So what’s the big deal, you ask? OTO bodies move all the time. The big deal is that our very kind and generous landlord has been charging us rent at about half the market price of commercial property in Orlando, so we are now looking at our rent doubling almost anywhere we choose to move in the Orlando metropolitan area.

Enter Magick! I was able to locate a larger space three miles from our current space for only $100.00 more per month.

Again you ask, what’s the big deal? It’s not that much money.

Our proposed space, while larger than our current space, is not in the best of shape and needs about $2,000.00 worth of renovation and update, including 1,200 square feet of flooring and paint before we even move in. One room is completely unfinished (think garage) and the other has 20 plus year old disgusting carpet that is beyond a carpet shampooer. In addition, we need to build out a storage closet and a small kitchenette area. Lastly, we need first and last month’s recent, plus security deposit, another $2,400.00, which will completely wipe out our bank account.

All that being said, I’m asking for your help in getting Hidden Spring Oasis moved into our new space. Everyone who donates any amount over $5.00 will receive a Hidden Spring Oasis sticker. Everyone who donates over $100.00 will receive a Hidden Spring Oasis t-shirt.

I realize my goal is pretty high, but rest assured that every penny will go towards moving into and renovating our new space. This is only the second fundraiser we have ever had and it’s an important one!

Please help us continue to provide a strong and successful Thelemic community in Central Florida. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

You may help Hidden Spring Oasis by contributing to the fundraiser on Facebook, or by sending money to via PayPal.


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