Harper Feist Leading Advanced Scrying Laboratory Online Course

The Blackthorn School is offering Advanced Scrying Laboratory: A Practicum, being given by Thelema, NOW! host Harper Feist starting November 06. the posted description says:

“Welcome to the Scrying Laboratory! This is a newer Blackthorne School class, being offered for the second time for a limited amount of students. Learners will be working with in-depth opportunities for esoteric listening, presented and studied step by step, over the course of six to eight months. The principal purpose behind the class is to encourage the practitioner into places they may have previously thought were too uncomfortable to visit without some help.

“The course will comprise short videos and/or written exercises posted bi-weekly alternating with bi-weekly Zoom sessions. Most of the student interactions will take place in a dedicated, private Discord group. The class will have a very limited student group for maximum attention and interaction.”

Sign up: https://www.theblackthorneschool.com/courses/scryinglab/.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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