Harlequin on Iran’s Streets

We received this extraordinary image and note today:

“Based on events in my country Iran, my attention was drawn to one of my drawings and I understood some points in my drawings . It seemed that the drawing was narrating the events which are taking place in my country at the moment.

“I found this correlation interesting and here I would like to share my ideas with you. “

I asked for a full explanation of this correlation and received the following in response:

Harlequin on Iran’s Streets

Drawings which are more of a prophecy on the bed of Tarot Divination cards

 Around two years ago I drew some Tarot Divination cards according to my point of view (vision). Compared to older forms and designs of Tarot Divination cards and based on how it represented itself to me I changed some of my drawings. With the passage of time, I witnessed signs in the real world which proved my point of view. In this case I would like to overpass the borders and I think signs of prophecy can also be seen in some of the drawings. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

 VIII. ADJUSTMENT ; Card Explanation

A woman in a white robe raised her left hand dropping something like a boom balance scale. The scale’s conventional pans are replaced with two symbols. One was a pair of handcuffs and the other headphones. In fact it seems that the angle of justice has dropped the scale of justice, removed and discredited it. The scale as the main tool to bring balance and consequently as the symbol of law has turned into a tool to apply the law. Therefore, the angel of justice does not recognize the dominant law any longer. The headphones and the handcuffs which  replace the pans of the scale, picture the two sides of law enforcement. One as the physical deterrent and the other as the brainwashing factor and beliefs limiting and restricting people to remain and act within the law. The law which is not designed to reform the community but to preserve and maintain benefits and interests of the ruling class.

 By invalidity of the scale of justice, the body of the goddess itself is now recognized as the indicator. The left and raised hand which used to hold the scale is moving downwards while the right is correspondingly raising to bring the balance once more. In the right hand, she holds a sword which is mixed and unified with a microphone. These are the counter symbols of the handcuffs and the headphones, as if the angel shows the path of balance instead of being balanced. The semi-impressed is replaced with the semi-impressive:  fight, talk and shout to achieve balance.

 Behind the statue of the goddess, there is a green globe with a subtle glow, which is the color of Venus. Venus is the goddess of beauty, as the Judgement of Paris. The key to beauty is the balance in every single shape of the whole. That’s why Venus rules this card and constellation. Her left hand symbolizes the passive aspects of human beings against the ruling order and law. Therefore, effective and active forces are needed for balance. The representatives of this active force in the image are red sparks emitting from the sword and the microphone. 

On the shirt of the goddess, a four-pointed star polygon is drawn inside a square and the square itself is drawn in a circle, which are the same color as the sparks and the necklace of the goddess. Symbols that symbolize the four elements and the sum of opposites. There is duality in the nature of this, otherwise this card would not suit the concept of balance. In the former drawings of this card, it usually shows an image of the angel who is calm, composed and indifferent, and only an observer. But in this picture, the concealed side of the goddess is shown. Harlequin has thrown away the mask and revealed its rebellious, and anarchist side. Harlequin this time, like her other half, the Fool, has provided a solution and shows the path. The path itself means balance. “However, the symbolism beyond all planetary and Zodiacal considerations, this card is the feminine complement of the Fool.”

 Today’s situation in Iran:

Woman, life, freedom

The first uprising led by young women in the modern era 

The protests that started with the murder of “Mehsa Amini” at the end of September this year with the slogan (woman, life, freedom) intensified and matured in Libra. This event is the realization of a concept on a global scale that is depicted in this card.

 This is a protest against the hijab as a symbol of the law of the Islamic Republic.In fact, these protests challenge the whole system, a system in which old-fashioned old men have imposed laws on people for their own interests. Among all the different sections of the society, the population in direct contrast with the current rulers, that is, young girls, are leading the protests. Religious patriarchal elders against young secular girls is a highly symbolic confrontation. The focus of protests against the ruling law and its symbol is the hijab. Hijab is the symbol and the heart of the identity of this old system.

 In the last 43 years, the Islamic Republic, in an obvious contrast to all their claims on Islam, has only forced hijab and restrictions on women’s bodies.To such an extent that it has tied its identity and survival with this matter and has turned the hijab into an excuse to plunder a nation, male or female, whether it is religious or secular. Saying no to hijab is saying no to this system as a whole.


(Reformist, fundamentalist, it’s over)

The false dichotomy that the Islamic Republic had tried to create on behalf of the two sides of the society was discredited in the past protests. This time, the protests are targeting the entire system as an indicator of the scale and challenging the entire system. Women’s leadership has given special and completely feminine characteristics to the protests, and the protests are based on a deeply feminine system.

 1. De-centering vs. Single Center.

2. The centrality of objective, materialistic, physical and earthly issues against subjective, ideological and spiritual issues.

3. Emphasis on belonging to a specific place, fellow countrymen and the present in contrast with belonging to an ideology, the coreligionist and the Shia religious history.

4. Being realistic (aligned with the mainstream of world society) against idealism (exporting the revolution).

  De-centering vs. Monocenter

In this decentralized system, middle-aged men are surprised how these protests have no single leader, time or place to take place. In protests led by the male, which modern history has witnessed many times, people would gather at a predetermined place and time under the leadership of certain individuals to show their gathering against the dictator.

 But the female system is completely different. At any moment and at any time that cannot be identified in advance. A small group gathers and chants against the government. This system of women’s protest has completely confused the old men and the oppressive soldiers.

 The Objective against the subjective

If subjective issues such as religion and beliefs were the main focus in the 1979 revolution. In this period of protests, objective issues such as women’s body and clothing, daily economic needs, welfare and night bread are the main focus of the protests.

 In the 1979 revolution, concepts such as one united religious population called Ommat in Arabic, Muslims and Shiism were more important than concepts such as nationality and Iranianness, to the extent that the Islamic Republic of Iran designed two military systems.

 One is the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose responsibility was to defend Iran’s geographical borders, and the other is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Guards Corps, which does not even mention Iran in its name. As we can see today, the IRGC is operating outside Iran’s borders and interfering in Shiite countries. It is no secret that the Army in Iran is of much lower importance than the IRGC. However, in these protests in Iran, the emphasis is on Iranian identity, Iran and Iranianness with specific geographic borders (location), and the discussion of concepts such as the Islamic nation or the like has no place in the discourse of the protests. The slogan “ neither Gaza, Nore Lebanon, I would die for Iran” proves the same attitude in Iranian protests.

 Following and accompanying Iran’s events among some world famous politicians and celebrities shows the alignment of the protests with the global issues such as human rights and women’s freedom. While in the 1979 revolution, Khomeini’s theses were about Iran returning to a religious system and leaving the main global stream to such an extent that was surprising to most intellectuals at that time. 

Comparing the symbols drawn on the card with Iran’s protests 

Three main colors in card design: green, white and red

The three colors of the flag of the Islamic Republic.

Card of the month Libra

The maturity of the protests in the month of Libra

Short hair of the goddess

The movement of cutting women’s hair

Feminine nature of the card

Feminine leadership of the movement

Invalidity of the governing laws

Protest against the laws of the Islamic Republic focusing on hijab

The bare breasts of the goddess

Protest against hijab and women’s clothing

Symbolizing elements based on physical act

The physical presence of protests in the streets

Goddess blindfolds

Turning a blind eye to the fears and threats of the regime (courage)

The ineffectiveness of the regime’s claims and propaganda

Dropped Headphone

Goddess of courage and warrior

Brave women and anti-riot soldiers armed to the teeth

Justice and balance card

Protest against the unbridled injustices of the society.


Correlation of the card with Iran’s daily conditions 

This card shows the Libra, a constellation with a feminine nature. “This card represents the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus; in it Saturn is exalted.” The goddess of justice has risen to judge the performance of the old so-called father and vote for the end of him and his sinister dynasty. The elements of the card are unbalanced and dynamic, however, are moving toward balance to at last bring balance to the land of chaos. The goddess of balance dominates all the unbalanced elements of the world. This situation is symbolized by the magic sword he is holding and the scales he used to hold. This condition is symbolized by the Magic Sword which “She holds in both hands, and the balances or spheres in which she weighs the Universe, Alpha the First balanced exactly against Omega the Last. These are the Judex and Testes of Final Judgment; the Testes, in particular, are symbolic of the secret course of judgment whereby all current experience is absorbed, transmuted, and ultimately passed on, by virtue of the operation of the Sword, to further manifestation.”

 All this happens in the light of the three main colors of the image. The green color is the symbol of the poison of the goddess ruling the moon and cards and one of the colors of the Iranian flag.

The white color is the middle color of the flag and the symbol of the purity of justice, and the red color, which is one of the three colors of the flag, is a symbol of the active and dynamic energy of the sword. As if Mars (the ruler of the next sign, Scorpio, the planet to which the Tower Card of belongs to) has come to help at this moment to activate the hidden aspect of the card, Harlequin, so that the seed planted by Hermit in Virgo and cultivated in Libra, will bear fruit in the next month Scorpio.

  Libra is the month in which the sun is in balance. The month in which the weather is in its most favorable condition in the geographical region of Iran; Hot summer passed and cold winter is ahead. Therefore, to understand this card properly, special attention should be paid to the cards in September and November. It is as if the balance card wants to balance everything on its sides. In fact, the seed planted by Hermit in Vigo is cultivated in Libra and is about to be harvested in Scorpio. The movement that started at the end of September with the killing of Mahsa Amini, matured in October (Libra), and it is hoped that its status will be clarified to a large extent in November (Scorpio).

It is not yet clear what will happen in November (Scorpio); But what is clear is that either this movement will come to succeed in November or the protests will decrease for a limited period of time and join another movement in future. As movements in 2008, 2018 and November 2018 joined this movement. It is clear that the overthrow of the regime is certain in the near future. The only question is whether this movement with the slogan of a Woman, Life and Freedom can achieve this great goal or a movement with another slogan will succeed in doing it in the future. Here I would like to refer to one of the hidden secrets in Iranian culture.

 There is a character in Iranian mythology named Sohrab, who is also mentioned in Shahnameh. In his story, in companion and fight with Rostam depicts one of the most important tragedies of the Shahnameh, which is the story of the murder of a son by his father. Sohrab is actually red water and is a symbol of the flood that happened occasionally in the far reaches of the Iranian plateau and caused destruction. But after that, due to the minerals and salts he brought with him, it brought prosperity and blessings for several years. Resisting to stop or prevent this flood would cause drought and more severe damages in the future.

 Of course, this story has more to do with Mars’s power and the Tower card for the coming month. But the presence of this force in this card with the symbolization of the sword and red sparks is also there to establish balance. In this way, one of the duties of the angel of justice is to establish a balance between the old and young forces. Sohrab on one side and Rostam on the other. But when this balance is disturbed and one of the two forces becomes stronger, it is the duty of the angel of balance and justice to return the balance to the system with the help of other forces.

 For 43 years, the Islamic Republic tried to depict a picture of modest, wearing a hijab, calm, down-to-earth and dignified woman as the Iranian woman. But today, Iranian women have torn the hijab, become warriors and confidently challenge the unbalanced law and demand their rights. Not just with talking or begging, but with sword in hand, fighting in the street and face to face against the oppressive force. In the streets and in the videos, it has been seen repeatedly that a young girl punches armed anti-riot soldiers to the teeth and demands her rights.

 Venus has revealed her hidden half here. Harlequin has risen. No to compulsory hijab. This hijab is not only in appearance and clothes, but, it was and is an Iranian woman’s whole existence. “Nature is scrupulously just.”

 In these 43 years, the Islamic Republic has killed, imprisoned, exiled or marginalized the human resources of the society and it is the time for this regime to pay the price for their deeds. “She is wrapped in a cloak of mystery, the more mysterious because diaphanous; she is the sphinx without a secret, because she is purely a matter of calculation. In Eastern philosophy she is Karma.”

 Here I refer you to another specific point in relation to Iran. One of the symbols of the Islamic Republic in the last 43 years, in which they invested a lot, was a concept called Imam Zaman. In schools, children were brainwashed in connection with the arrival of a person named Imam Zaman. With his arrival, he will bring back justice to the earth. This concept is a dirty imitation of the savior symbol that can be seen in various cultures of humanity. A concept with a limited and misleading structure for the benefit of governments. Not only was he not a savior in the future, he was an old man in the past who was still alive until his day came.

 I personally don’t forget that as a child, every morning, before entering the classrooms, we had to stand in line and sing a hymn that ended with this sentence: “May the Mahdi Revolution (Imam Zaman) protect Khomeini’s movement.”. It is as if the designers of this sinister system tied their survival to the manifestations of the universe. It seems they were right. In the month of Libra, when Saturn reaches exaltation, the end of Islamic Republic begins.

 “When the daughter, redeemed by her marriage with the Son, is thereby set up on the throne of the mother; thus, finally, she awakens the Eld of the All-Father.”



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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