Happy Birthday to the British Museum!

The British Museum
A sample of Egyptian items in the British Museum

The exhibits didn’t look like this on opening day.

According to On This Day, the British Museum opened to visitors today in 1759: “But not just any visitors. Fearing damage to the collections by unruly hordes, the trustees decided that nobody would be admitted without a ticket. The problem was that only a few tickets were issued each day and even then a number of obstacles had to be surmounted before prospective visitors could receive their prize.”

Today, the British Museum remains free, open daily from 10:00am until 15:30pm (Fridays until 8:30pm). Items displayed include Dr. John Dee’s mystical artifacts, the Rosetta Stone, Assyrian Lion Hunt reliefs, Egyptian artifacts, Parthenon sculptures, Lewis Chessmen, and much more. An Edward Munch exhibit opens 11 April, and a Manga exhibit opens 23 May this year. The discerning visitor will plan an expedition well ahead of time!

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