Hadrian’s Wall Recreated With Legos

Hadrian's Wall made of Legos
Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s wall just east of Greenhead Lough, Northumberland in October 2005. Public domain photograph by Velella.

A collaborative of adult LEGO builders with an interest in historical themes called Brick to the Past built a replica of Hadrian’s Wall, which they exhibited at the Great Western Brick ShowSmithsonian reports: “The attention to detail makes this Lego version of Hadrian’s Wall charming and fascinating. An Iron Age village sits on the “barbarian” Celtic side, along with standing stones, grazing cattle and villages. The Roman side is home to farmers, a temple, a bathhouse, milecastles and a town with a villa — a roughly accurate depiction of what life around the wall may have looked like.”

Lego Superfans Built This Epic Model of Hadrian’s Wall.


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