Hadean Press Publishes Hoodoo Mojo Bags & Baby Dolls

The UK’s Hadean Press has announced the publication of the latest title in its Guide To The Underworld series, Hoodoo Mojo Bags & Baby Dolls.

The publisher’s description says:

One of the essential tools used in Hoodoo folk practice is the mojo bag which acts as a container of magical force(s), similar to a spirit box or pot. They serve as amulets or better still as charm bags and are commonly used in hoodoo folk practice, with its origins rooted in West Africa. A Hoodoo Doll-Baby, Dolly, Poppet, Effigy, is a representation of a person made in the likeness of the target and is one of the most essential tools used in Hoodoo sympathetic sorcery.

In Hoodoo Mojo Bags & Baby Dolls James Udung describes the construction, preparation, and use of these tools.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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