Hadean Press Posts Summer Update

UK occult publisher Hadean Press recently posted their Summer updated:

“Changes to our Guides to the Underworld: Those happy little pamphlets we all know and love will be getting a makeover, or ‘rebranded’ if you’re into that corporate jargon (I’m not). This will inevitably outrage the collectors, so when we launch the Guides with their new covers, we will also be offering a special collectors’ deal. This is a winter project which may or may not be completed by the end of the year.

“Publication Schedule: We will begin 2022 with a reprint of Steve Savedow’s Goetic Evocation: The Magician’s Workbook 2, originally published by Eschaton Books in 1996 and now out of print. Our edition will simply be called Goetic Evocation. The text will remain largely the same, although it has been edited and the tables and diagrams redrawn. Our second title of 2022 concerns the Amerindian influence on Caribbean religions, most notably Palo Monte, and is by Cuban-born author Alejandro Casas. The remainder of the 2022 schedule is still being finalised, but we are looking at another stellar year ahead. Keep an eye on our schedule where I’ll add the forthcoming titles in the coming months so you can get some idea of what’s happening here at Hadean Press.

“Our final book release of this year will be Historiola: The Power of Narrative Charms by Carl Nordblom, which will be available in the usual three editions: hardcover, softcover, and ebook. We may also release one or two more Guides to the Underworld, depending on when I receive the text/artwork for those in progress now. Kuzen Azaka Mede is also again in progress after an unforeseeable delay, but will not be released until 2022.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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