Hadean Press Publishes – Tantric Conjure

The UK’s Hadean Press has announced its latest publication, Tantric Conjure: The Magic of Mantra & Yantra. The publisher’s site describes it thus:

“Eschewing both the academic distance and the marketable whitewashing of much English language Tantric literature, Vijnananath presents folk Tantra based in lived practice. Resembling witchcraft and folk magic from other parts of the world, it yet retains the devotional and yogic core which makes Tantra what it is. Tantric Conjure: The Magic of Mantra & Yantra is an invitation to experience the spirituality and sorcery of this multifaceted tradition.

“This short work includes an invocation to the elephant-headed lord, following which the author describes the Ganapati yantra practice, as well as the Bhairava Bhūtkāya mantra practice with spells for road opening, petition papers, necromancy, and exorcism. It is a perfect addition to our Guides to the Underworld and we hope our readers enjoy it.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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