Hadean Press Offering Many New eBooks plus Free DLs

UK publisher Hadean Press is publishing a new batch of ebook conversions. Digital editions of various Guides to the Underworld have been added to the site. They’re also offering three issues of The Equinox: Britsh Journal of Thelema, FREE OF CHARGE. The publisher’s site says:


“With so many of you self-isolating, we thought you might like something to read. We are now offering all three issues of The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema free of charge. Look for more material to appear in the coming weeks. Please remember that our titles can also be found at the Book Depository and at the Bookshop. We are also offering a sale on select items (see below for a list of titles/editions included). Please remember the DHL shipping option is set for orders of 2 kilos and above. Read about our shipping here.

Digital editions of the following Guides to the Underworld have been added to the site:
Saint Mary Magdalene | Papa Legba: A Workbook | The Magick of the Ghebers | Balkan Folk Magic: Zmaj | Fumigations of the Seven Planets

More deets and DL’s here: https://www.hadeanpress.com/covid-19.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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