Great Pyramid of Giza Is Slightly Lopsided


The Great Pyramid of Giza may be a Wonder of the Ancient World, but it’s not perfect: Its base is a little lopsided because its builders made a teensy mistake when constructing it, new research reveals.

The west side of the pyramid is slightly longer than the east side, scientists have found. Although the difference is very slight, it’s enough that a modern-day research team, led by engineer Glen Dash and Egyptologist Mark Lehner, was able to detect the small flaw in a new measuring project.

“The base is not quite square,” Dash said. The project is being carried out by the Glen Dash Research Foundation, led by Dash, and Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA), led by Lehner. AERA has been mapping and excavating the Giza plateau for about 30 years.


Ixel Balamke

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