Grant Morrison Will Cast a Spell for You to Support a Kickstarter Campaign for a New Occult Documentary Series

Renowned comics genius Grant Morrison offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for three lucky individuals to have a personal magick spell cast just for them. This unique reward is part of an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to fund the post-production of Magick Show, a groundbreaking documentary project being described as a “masterclass in the occult.” Magick Show was created by Richard Metzger (Dangerous Minds, Disinformation) and produced by media theorist Douglas Rushkoff.

Grant Morrison, a legendary figure in the world of comics and a practicing magician, has joined the campaign with this extraordinary pledge. For his contribution, Morrison will cast a personalized spell for the backer, blending his vast knowledge of magic and storytelling to create a unique and powerful work of art.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion,” said Morrison. “Quite simply it’s the best show about magic ever made! The best, least sensationalized, most informed presentation of what contemporary magic is and how it works that I’ve ever seen onscreen.” Morrison looks forward to becoming part of the Magick Show community. “It is time to call together the next generation of occultists, expose them to their lineage, and initiate them into the larger culture of practicing magicians.”

The spell includes a consultation with Morrison, who will work with the recipient to focus, calibrate, and aim the spell perfectly.

Morrison is known for his promotion of the “sigil” theory of spellcasting and will create a symbol relating to the accomplishment of the desired outcome on a canvas with paint, delivering a one-of-a-kind artwork to the lucky supporters.

“It seemed pretty obvious that it would be difficult to get many outlets to write about some ‘weird occult documentary project’ on Kickstarter,” said Metzger, “but what if the story was ‘Grant Morrison will personally cast a spell for you’? That’s different. That’s catnip for comics, horror, and sci-fi blogs and the story writes itself. Then it seeps out into public consciousness. That’s how we pitched it to Grant and he readily agreed to help us out.”

Magick Show promises to delve deep into modern occultism’s mysterious world, exploring its influence on contemporary culture and uncovering its hidden truths. With a team of visionary creators at the helm, including Metzger, known for his pioneering work in alternative media, and Rushkoff, an acclaimed author and media theorist, the documentary aims to offer an unprecedented look into the myriad ways magick is practiced in the 21st century.

“Magick inflects the reality in which we live,” Rushkoff explained. “From corporate logos and money systems to warfare and presidential elections. It is everywhere, once you learn to see it. Magick Show teaches us how.”

The Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise $150,000 in 40 days to bring Magick Show to life. In addition to Morrison’s spellcasting, backers can choose from a range of exclusive rewards, including an incredible limited edition poster designed by artist Dima Drjuchin (famous for his work with Tool and Father John Misty) and special acknowledgments and credits in the film.

The campaign is being organized by Magick Show ally and Century Guild founder Thomas Negovan, an inaugural member of Kickstarter’s creator advisory council who has been responsible for over 70 successful campaigns. In his words, “Magick Show is a clarion call for everyone who can feel this acceleration of reality we are experiencing to gather together, to gain focus, and learn to harness that velocity for positive change.”

Anyone wanting to support Magick Show and take advantage of this unique opportunity to have a spell cast for them by Grant Morrison himself, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here when it goes live on Thursday, July 11, 2024.

For media inquiries, please contact Richard Metzger [metzger.richard AT gmail DOT com]

About Magick Show: Magick Show is a sprawling documentary project exploring the world of contemporary occultism and its cultural impact. Created by Richard Metzger and produced by Douglas Rushkoff, the project–described as a “documentary bundle”–promises to unveil the secrets and influence of modern magic practices. So far over 50 members of the occult community have been interviewed for Magick Show in London, Los Angeles, and New York City. It includes the final on-camera interview with the legendary underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger.

About Grant Morrison: Grant Morrison is a celebrated comic book writer, author, screenwriter, and magician, known for his groundbreaking works such as The Invisibles, All-Star Superman, Doom Patrol and Multiversity. His work often explores themes of magic, consciousness, and the nature of reality.

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