Grand Egytian Museum Opens on the Giza Plateau

Architectural Digest just ran an extensive feature on the new Grand Egyptian Museum which stands on the edge of the first desert plateau between Khufu’s Pyramid and Cairo. I’m assuming this is where the Stele of Ankh n Khonsu was moved from its dusty showcase in the Cairo Museum. I wonder if they’ll have it’s old catalogue tag # “666” by its side? This was it’s original designation at the Boulaq Museum but when it was moved to the Cairo and assigned a new catalogue number, curators displayed the old tag as well, perhaps understanding its attraction for a “certain” sort of tourist. Anyway, the article begins:

Egypt‘s heady mix of legends, myths, and fabled treasures is rivaled only by its monumental architecture: an awe-inspiring blend of ancient rituals, art and scientific prowess that continues to enthrall even the most seasoned historians. And now, a budding modern wonder, The Grand Egyptian Museum, is set to shine the light on the land of the Pharaohs. Far from being a mere repository of antiquities, it is slated to be a mirror to some of humanity’s greatest achievements—from paper to the 365 days calendar—and mysteries (cue Tutankhamun’s gilded death mask). As it gets ready for its big reveal, find out what makes this larger-than-life complex—which had an estimated budget of $1 billion—simply unmissable.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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