Grady McMurtry on Magick

Frater Orpheus posted a vintage gem written by the late Caliph of Ordo Templi Orientis Hymenaeus Alpha:

“Bill Heidrick has asked me to tell you what it was like to be under the Magical Instruction of Aleister Crowley personally. Unfortunately, this isimpossible, much, as I would personally like to accommodate him … and you. After all, if one cannot discuss the Secret of the IXth Degree (with its well-known “secret ingredient”) except under Seal, how much less can one get into the doctrine of the Golden Pyramid of Atlantis? (What has been published by A.C. himself can be discussed – if you want some idea, take a look at the Crown of The Fool in the Thoth Tarot deck and remember the ancient adage: “The Universe is held in the Mind of God”. Add the ideas of computer programming, the tanmantras and what people really mean when they say they are “maintaining.”) What are the real words signified by A.’.A.’.? How does one charge a set of Abramelin squares written in Enochian? And Why? And why you shouldn’t! – the Mystery of the Virgin Man -reflect on your Biblical “Woman Clothed with the Sun” & reread your Kabbal ah Denudata., the “Twelve Stars for Her Crown” being the 12 cranial nerves of the cerebellum in the activated Psychic Body. Why should the ancient curse be, “May Choronzon burn the back of your neck!” – I’ll give you a clue: the Visudha Chakra, or Da’ath in the activated psychic body. Or the nature of the Boat of the Sun (you can read the Code Book: See SHIP [66] in Liber D, Equinox I, 8.). It is impossible to discuss these things, except under Seal, of course…”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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