Golden Thread Camp Hosts Its 2nd UnConference in Pittsburgh


Join Pittsburgh, PA’s Golden Thread Camp, OTO for a weekend of Thelemic fellowship and education using a unique meeting style called an “unconference,” May 19-21. An “unconference” uses Open Space Technology to create a dynamic, fluid conference where participants bring their knowledge and passion to the event. Unlike the typical conference where a set schedule is planned weeks or months in advance, the classes are developed at the beginning of the meeting by the participants themselves.

Attendees are encouraged to share their passion and knowledge on all Thelemic and Magick-based topics.

Different teaching methods including roundtable discussions, hands on workshops, practice sessions, etc can all be conducted within the unconference space.

Friday May 19th will be a Meet and Greet at a local restaurant (to be determined later in the year). It will be an informal affair where participants can meet the others who will be attending and purchase food or drink at their discretion.

Saturday May 20th is the unconference itself and will include a lunch buffet (dietary restrictions/allergies can be noted on your registration form) and all day snacks and beverages.

On Sunday, participants are invited to attend a pancake breakfast at Golden Thread’s Temple and may choose to continue more Thelemic discussion or classes.

The price includes admission as well as lunch/snacks/beverages on Saturday and the pancake breakfast on Sunday.

Questions for this event can be directed to: An FAQ has also been written and can be sent upon request.

For more information, visit:



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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