Goetic Impressions Offering Enochian Ritual Tools via Kickstarter

There’s always a first for everything… yesterday we got a message from KICKSTARTER encouraging us to plug a campaign. A further first… it actually made sense for us! Yet another first… I’m pretty sure we know the folks behind this campaign which looks very cool indeed. So without further ado, here’s deets on Goetic Impressions’ Enochian Ritual Tools campaign on Kickstarter:

“We are proud to finally and formally unveil (one of the) secret projects we have been working on at Goetic Impressions for the last few months. Without further ado I present to you (dear reader and prospective project partner) our Enochian tools project!

“First up is our paraffin wax Sigillum Dei Aemeth. In Enochian magick the primary Sigillum Dei Aemath is placed on the center of the table of practice, and a ‘shewstone’ (most frequently a crystal ball) is placed within the center of the Sigillum. Additionally, four smaller Sigillum Dei Aemeth are placed, one each, under the four legs of the table of practice.

“The central Sigillum is specified to be nine inches in diameter, and made of bee’s wax, while the four smaller ones are to be four inches in diameter.

“We made a substitution of paraffin wax for bee’s wax, as it is more durable and less likely to suffer damage or deformation over long term use. Both our large and our smaller Sigillum fit the sizes given in the Dee and Kelley diaries.

“Please be aware, we are making each Sigillum by hand. There will be some slight variation between them as a result. Please also keep these away from hot surfaces, these are made of wax, after all!

“Our Enochian Lamen will be three inches by three inches and made of a Gold plated alloy. The script is in Enochian itself, rather than English, to match the script which appears on our Table of Practice.

“The Lamen is worn over the chest of the magician, and forms a link between the practitioner and the Table of practice, and is a powerful component in a well crafted Enochian ritual.

“The Table of Practice is at the center of the entire operation. While the diaries call for an elaborate (and expensive!) table, our overall goal since the beginning had been to find a way to create ritual accurate tools that practitioners can access on a budget. To this end we designed our Table of Practice as an altar cloth, which can be deployed in any ritual space, then rolled back up and put away when the magick is complete.

“Affordable on any budget, our Table of Practice altar cloth mirrors the Enochian script on the Lamen, and forms a critical link between the practitioner, the Table, the Sigillum, and crystal, and the Enochian Angels themselves.

“All of our Enochian Watchtower Tables are based on the Reformed Great Table of Raphael, which was relayed to Dee and Kelley to correct the errors the angels had deliberately relayed to the pair on the original table.

“Our Enochain tablets will be made of a gold plated alloy, and infilled with hard enamel. On the reverse side is a laser engraved artistic rendition of each of the watchtower symbols which corresponds to the Watchtower for the tablet in question.”

Grab these goodies while you can!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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