Goêtic Common Sense Being Published in 2022

Frater Acher is announcing the physicl release of Goetic Common Sense in the new year and in the meanwhile is offering a free PDF of it. The post description says:
‘Goêtic Common Sense’, a 60-page essay, is a gift to everyone in its digital form, and planned to appear in print later in 2022. Written over summer and autumn 2021, it is illustrated throughout with the magical images of no other than David S. Herrerías. You can marvel at their beauty here, and read the article under the link below.
The essay is an exploration into the inside view of original goêteia. Please be warned: It is not meant to be an easy read, yet one that empowers you to truly follow your own path of first-hand experience. E.g. half-way through we are dismantling the notion of culturally-conditioned ‘common sense’, only to rebuild it at the end of the essay through a specific goêtic lens…
This has been another hard year for many of us… We hope this small gift contributes towards a calm ending of 2021, a few undisturbed moments of reading-time, and immersing ourselves into the world of genuine spirit work.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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