Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and Other Airborne Females  

Yesterday, the Washington Post posted a book review of Serinity Young’s Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and Other Airborne Females.  This is an examination of accounts of females who are actual deities or with supernatural powers including that of flight, or technically “transvection.” The reviews starts out:

“In Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and Other Airborne Females Serinity Young argues that tales of flying women, widespread throughout the world’s mythologies, should be interpreted as visions of female emancipation from the constraints imposed by patriarchal cultures: As she says, ‘the ability to break free of the earth and to soar is a profound expression of freedom.’ The many stories Young retells prove her point and are fascinating in themselves.”

Read the entire review here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/women-who-fly-a-tale-of-female-emancipation-through-the-ages/2018/02/07/6e3658d4-0a85-11e8-8890-372e2047c935_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-cards_hp-card-arts:homepage/card&utm_term=.858614fd6c61.

Thanks to the OHO for the tip!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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