Gnostic Saint Harry Smith Featured in the new Maggot Brain Magazine

The cover of the latest issue of Maggot Brain Magazine features Gnostic Saint Harry Everett Smith, who’s centennial is being celebrated this year. Coverage includes a feature by Smith confidante Raymond Foye discussing his relationship with fellow abstract art and filmmaker Jordan Belson who became friends with Harry when the two both lived in the Bay Area in the 1940’s, an interview with John Szwed’s who biography of Harry “Cosmic Scholar” was published earlier year, and finally a reprint of Maggot Brain editor Michael MacGonigal’s feature from New York Press celebrating the re-issue of the Anthology of American Folk Music, in the 1990’s (he mentions Harry’s relationship with “Ordo Templum Orientalis” – OY!) The coverage is illustrated with art that does NOT appear in the Whitney exhibit or the expanded addition of American Magus (a collection of interviews with people who knew Harry that came out about one year ago).

Order yr copy!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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