Ghosts of Serial Killers

Haunted house

Haunted houseIn Haunted Crime Scenes, forensics expert Katherine Ramsland and paranormal investigator Mark Nesbitt examine murder implements, victims, killers and crime scenes that reportedly have supernatural components. The list includes such infamous crime sites as The Black Dahlia, Murder Swamp/Torso Killer, Lizzie Borden, Starvation Heights, and Jack the Ripper, as well as sites that may be less familiar to the reader.

In Psychology Today, author Katherine Ramsland, PhD, tells us ghost stories she’s heard since writing Haunted Crime Scenes:

…Their son had found a skull on the property and Herb had dismissed it as part of a medical model from his father’s collection. When detectives went to where the skull had been, they found a scorched area. Soon, they dug up human remains, along with a rusty pair of handcuffs.

Serial Killer Ghosts:If anyone can spook us from the afterlife, surely serial killers can.



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