Genesis P-Orridge’s Experience of Post Life Sentience

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is one of the best known occulists in the world. Genesis has been very sick for the past few years and not able to generate income via touring any longer. Author Doug Rushkoff has established a GoFundMe to help Gen meet expenses:

Meanwhile, recently published a new interview with Genesis, including remarks regarding life after one’s death.  Here’s an excerpt:

“So we got up without saying anything and walked through the apartment to the bedroom, and in the bedroom, on the side of the bed, was what she called the kissing wall. And on the kissing wall were photographs from all over the United States, and all over the world, of us kissing. There were about 20, or probably 23 knowing the way things work. And so the last thing she saw when she fell asleep was these photographs of us kissing and being joined, and the first thing she saw when she woke up was us kissing. So it was like a sigil, like a magical invocation of always being aware, of always strengthening the bond.

So we looked at that wall, and there’s all these nice pictures, and in the middle is one and it’s me and Lady Jaye in Kathmandu, in the garden of the hotel we usually stay at called The Nirvana Garden, and we were both wearing red robes. And we sat on Lady Jaye’s lap. So it’s a blob of red, and our two heads kissing, and it really is like one being, the two heads a part of this one being, and we thought, that’s the Pandrogyne — it’s the two of us becoming one.

So that’s the one we took off the wall, and we walked back through the apartment, to the little living room where we sat in a semi-circle. We put it face down on this cupboard against the window, a few feet from where we sat.

And then somebody, pretty sure it was one of the children, said, “So are you going to come to California, Papa?” And as we looked up, the picture rose up a few inches, then it floated across a few feet and settled in front of me — between us — me and everyone else. To this day we often say to each other, “Did that really happen? You were there…”

Read the whole interview:

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