Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Closer As Love Catalogue on Sale Now

The Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami is hosting an exhibition of work by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge through Thanksgiving. They are offering a limited edition catalogue. Genesis discusses this on FB:

“There is a book/catalogue that is published to co-incide with thee BREYER P-ORRIDGE exhibition ov polaroid originals at NINA JOHNSON GALLERY in Miami.
Thee book is called “CLOSER AS LOVE” it includes a new critical text by thee curator Jarrett Earnest. We personally believe this is thee most incisive, accurate, truthful and inspired essay on our L-if-E long body ov work written by anybody so far. Jarrett reveals many previously secret threads and references in our works and explains how we have used our strategies ov deconstruction in every medium with thee ultimate goal being spiritual, utopian and about
unconditional BIG LOVE infused into every detail ov L-if-E.

“It’s an amazing essay. Essential reading and 23 unique polaroids are reproduced in full colour.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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