Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Announces Planning for TOPI Coumunity

On Friday, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge made this announcement on he/r FB page

“We have spent today feeling so, so rewarded and blessed by all the best wishes. So much LOVE is generated by you all, our beauty FULL tribe, our chosen famille. People said this contemporary world is too cynical and narcicistic to let down their defences to ever appearing uncool, or soft. Yet in the response to our happiness, and the amazing, intimate stories of child B-Earth you have shared it is clear that our core message…that LOVE CAN TRIUMPH over violent answers and intimidation, anger, greed etc etc. That we CAN CHANGE THIS WORLD ONE KISS AT A TIME. In a world of bigotry, polarised dogmas, intimidation a strategy of more of the same is useless, pointless and just adding to a failed methodology. Only a strrategy that contradicts the status quo of control can create true change. Perhaps in tiny increments, one room at a time. But a group of rooms is a house and a collection of houses is a COUM-UNITY. We intend, as we always did, to wait until I.T. was clear that there IS a zeitgeist of hope, a unity of intention amongst our oh so loose OTTT, One True TOPI Tribe. NOW! the hard work begins, to strategise how to humane-ifest an actual place. Land, with coumunal agreemeant on how, why, coumitmeant from all. A village that is a think tank for an alternative vision of our species. In 2016 we will begin a forum to SERIOUSLY develop a template for a real, rigorously dedicated COUM-UNITY where ALL give equally and share equally. NOT a commune, a COUMUNITY…if we can create a legacy like this, in a world of shrinking utopianism, we shall ALL have done coumthing to slow down social inertia…Keep your eyes open in January. Thee TOPI New Y-Era is December 23rd to January 23rd, a transition not a fake second on a clock! Djin GEN”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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