Funerary Practices of the Toraja People of Indonesia

The New York Times ran a feature today about the extraordinary funerary rituals of the Toraja people of Indonesia. An excerpt reads:

“Odiya Sulu and her family are members of the Toraja people of southern Sulawesi, one of Indonesia’s largest islands. Known for their elaborate death rituals, which involve preserving and exhuming the dead and sacrificing livestock, Torajans invest vast sums of time and money on the funerals (and subsequent rites) of their loved ones…

“When I visited North Toraja for the first time, in August 2016, the Sulu family was performing a ritual called ma’nene’, during which the bodies of deceased family members — long after their elaborate funerals were held — are exhumed, cleaned and left in the sun to dry before being dressed in new clothes.”

Read the entire article:

thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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