Fulgur Press Releasing New Edition of A.O. Spare’s The Witches’ Sabbath

The UK’s Fulgur Press has announced it will be publishing an expanded/revised edition of A.O. Spare’s The Witches’ Sabbath this Fall. The publisher’s website says:

“Was it really thirty years ago we placed an advertisement announcing the publication of The Witches’ Sabbath by Austin Osman Spare? Perhaps so. The original edition has been out of print for many years, but I am happy to say we will be publishing a revised and expanded edition later this year. The new edition draws directly from the manuscripts and typescripts in the Kenneth Grant Archive… and these lay out a fascinating story for the development of the ‘Sabbath Mania’ envisaged by Grant and Spare c.1950. The book will contain the final text, plus the drafts and typescripts in facsimile, together with Grant’s commentary, and a critical essay from @robert.shehu.ansell charting the creative relationship between Spare and Grant. It will also bring together many of Spare’s witch images for the first time. Due for release in September.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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