From the Heart Oracle Cards

From the Heart Oracle

A new deck from an old tradition

From the Heart Oracle is the first offering from Blazing Heart Cards, a small publishing company specializing in oracle decks ~ both reprints of antique cards and modern decks that continue the same tradition. This first oracle deck features illustrations from 19th century Hungarian playing cards, with divinatory meanings incorporated into the design.

Reading fortunes with ordinary playing cards is a true folk tradition with a long and vibrant history; the famed Mme Lenormand read with playing cards, as did the more infamous Cagliostro. Playing cards remained the most popular method of card reading well into the 20th century and is the reason so many vintage oracle decks feature a playing card as part of their design.

  From the Heart Oracle is the work of Thelemic artist Shellay Maughan, the driving force behind Blazing Heart Cards. It debuts at Midsummer on July 20th with a kickstarter campaign to introduce and fund the deck. The campaign can be found here:

And check out the Blazing Heart Cards site for other in-progress decks and oracle card history:

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