Free SIGNED Mortensen Piece Being Given Away By Stephen Romano Gallery

WOWSERS – the owner of the Stephen Romano Gallery made this announcement today:
“So here’s the announcement.
“Today is the 55th anniversary of William Mortensen’s passing to the other side, August 12 1965.
“In order to mark the day, I will be giving away a signed Mortensen work to ONE lucky person. I haven’t decided which one but it will be a decent one. Probably I will offer the winner a choice.
“Just leave a like, a ❤ or a comment below, and your name will be put into a bowl and I will draw a name out Saturday. Obviously, you must be prepared to provide me with an address!
“Contest closes at noon on Saturday August 15th 2020.

Image William Mortensen
“Obsession” circa 1928

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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